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Instrument Scientist powder diffraction (m/f/d)
Aktualität: 15.09.2023


15.09.2023, Technical University of Munich
Instrument Scientist powder diffraction (m/f/d)
The instrument ERWIN is a high-throughput, multipurpose neutron diffractometer conceived for fast and multiparametric studies of structural phenomena in the solid state, such as e.g. energy materials and systems for electrochemical and hydrogen energy storage applications; magnetic systems, or construction materials. By its design, the instrument ERWIN belongs to a family of cutting edge diffractometers. Besides the unique two-dimensional large area CHARM detector, the instrument possesses a suite of monochromator configurations that will allow tuning the performance in a broad range, e.g. from a high-resolution to a high-flux option. The instrument is currently under construction with the main components ready for installation and commissioning. Your task will be to lead the construction project to a successful completion and bring the instrument into user operation. Together in a team of scientists and technical personnel operating and commissioning the instruments SPODI and FIREPOD, your tasks include: Finalizing the assembly of the instrument ERWIN and the commissioning with/without neutrons First scientific experiments and the subsequent regular user operation within the user programme of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) Development of new and extension of existing methodologies in the field of neutron diffraction Scientific collaborations with researchers from academia and industry (either from Germany and abroad) Pursuit of your own research projects using neutron scattering techniques
You have a degree in physics, chemistry, material science or related fields, completed with a PhD / doctorate. You are experienced in the application of scattering methods (either neutron- based or other scattering techniques) for the investigation of condensed matter. You possess excellent technical and experimental expertise. Experience with instrumentation, installation and/or the set-up of complex experimental facilities will be an asset. Persuasive communication and management skills as well as the capability to work in an international team are mandatory. Good oral and written English skills are required, German language skills are an advantage.


Instrument Scientist powder diffraction (m­­/­­f­­/­­d)