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PhD Position (m­­/­­f­­/­­d) IGSSE 05.07.2024 Technical University Munich Garching
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PhD Position (m/f/d) IGSSE
Aktualität: 05.07.2024


05.07.2024, Technical University Munich
PhD Position (m/f/d) IGSSE
Ihre Aufgaben:
The project focuses on the investigation of the role of phonons in lithium ion transport in rare earth halide lithium conductors. These materials are studied for the use as solid electrolytes and are actively developed for a new generation of electrochemical energy storage. The major focus of the PhD thesis will be the elucidation of the migration mechanism in superionic conductors in the Li3MCl6 (M=rare-earth, Sc, Y, In, etc.) family of compounds. The research work includes the sample preparation using a combination of ball - milling, wet - and solid state synthesis and corresponding characterisation. Temperature-resolved neutron and x-ray scattering (synchrotronbased) techniques will be determine the short- and long-range order in these materials. The phases, structural stability and details of atomic vibrations will be correlated to the transport properties, i.e. ionic conductivity, and the obtained results will be used as input for the optimization of the electrolyte compositions, in DFT modelling as well as in operando electrochemical electrolyte testing.
Das bringen Sie mit:
You have a degree (Diploma, Master) in the field of physics, chemistry or materials science. Ideally, you have experience in the application of sample preparation, characterisation and data analysis. Basic knowledge of scattering methods and their application for studies of crystal structure would be an asset. You possess good communication skills, enjoy working in a team and in an international environment. A good command of written and spoken English is a prerequisite.