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PhD and Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Sensing (m­­/­­f­­/­­d) 07.05.2024 Universität Leipzig Leipzig
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PhD and Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Sensing (m/f/d)
Aktualität: 07.05.2024


07.05.2024, Universität Leipzig
PhD and Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Sensing (m/f/d)
We apply optically addressable defect (e. g. Nitrogen-vacancy, NV) centers in diamond as spin qubits. These spin qubits can be coupled to multiple nuclear spins within the diamond, forming a quantum register. This multi-qubit system then allows the implementation of quantum algorithms and helps in enhancing the sensitivity and spectral resolution in nanoscale sensing. We apply these novel quantum sensors in various fields, such as material and life sciences. Using these spin qubits, we have previously demonstrated the detection of Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals from nuclear spins at the nanometer scale, making it up to 15 orders of magnitude more sensitive than conventional NMR. This emerging nanoscale NMR technique allows single molecule spectroscopy at ambient conditions. Our goal is to couple the spin qubits to the nuclear spins of the molecules and learn about their structure. We also want to use this quantum sensing platform to study the dynamics of single cells under different physiological conditions. This interdisciplinary work will be carried out in collaboration with biophysics and life science groups at the Leipzig University.
You should hold a degree in physics or related field, and have strong social, organizational and communication skills. Prior experience with coding in Python or other programming languages is desirable. Postdoc candidates should have demonstrated excellent research accomplishments.