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Post-doctoral research fellow (m/f/d)
Aktualität: 11.09.2023


11.09.2023, Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V.
Post-doctoral research fellow (m/f/d)
Biomolecular condensates, or membraneless organelles, are becoming a new paradigm for the understanding of the living cell. In this project we want to explore the physics of multi-component liquid-liquid phase separation in the presence of large polymers such as DNA or RNA using analytical theory and computer simulations. In particular the theory of polymer-assisted condensation should be further developed and applied to various biological problems.
The candidate should have a sound background in at least one of the following fields: soft matter theory, statistical physics, computational physics, or biological physics, as well as having a firm knowledge of programming in at least one programming language. The research is carried out in close collaboration with the Cluster of Excellence «Physics of Life», and in particular with the group «Theoretical Physics of Living Matter« (Prof. Helmut Schießel).


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